Curdden 2 in 1 Couple Wristwatch +Heart Pendant Necklaces + Gold Rings

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Maintenance knowledge:
1. Any waterproof watch should not be exposed to hot water, hot steam (such as hot springs, sauna).
2. Try to avoid using in a large temperature environment, which is easy to cause condensation in the watch.
3. Avoid placing the watch for a long time near a strong magnetic field such as a TV or radio to prevent the watch from being magnetized.
4. Avoid direct contact with chemical solvents, avoid wearing when makeup, chemical materials or the environment will look like accessories.
5. Avoid wearing your watch for strenuous exercise to avoid scratching or falling of your wrist or watch.
6. If there are protective sheets or stickers on the back of the watch, please remove them before use, otherwise the sweat will penetrate into the backing paper, causing the back of the watch to rust.
7. Battery When the of the quartz watch jumps or stops every few seconds, when the battery is exhausted, the battery should be replaced in time to avoid leaving the battery without electricity for a long time and causing damage to the movement.
How to clean:
1. Wipe the dirt, sweat and water droplets on the case and the mirror with a soft cloth.
2. Wipe the sweat and scale off the belt with a soft, dry cloth.
3. When using metal plastic or rubber straps, please wash the dirt with mild soapy water. Use a soft brush to clearly remove dust and dirt from the gap in the metal strap.
Avoid contact with chemicals, avoid wearing when sleeping, avoid wearing when sweating a lot, avoid wearing when taking a bath; wipe with a soft cloth.
1. Send a lover, life is like a circle, in the constant reincarnation, you and I know each other, send you this connotation of fate winding necklace, I hope you and I will linger in this life, hold hands, and the old.
2.Send yourself and send your girlfriend. It is the happiest thing to share the time of glory alone in the future, and not to share it with your years and beauty. Ordinary and calm years, often give yourself a little surprise, often there will be unexpected gains.

Key Features

  • Brand CURDDEN
  • Special features: calendar, 24-hour instructions
  • Display type: pointer
  • Applicable people: male
  • Style: fashion
  • Waterproof: no
  • Movement type: quartz
  • Thickness: 12mm
  • Dial diameter: 40mm
  • Crown type: ordinary
  • Bottom type: ordinary
  • Mirror material: ordinary glass mirror
  • Buckle style: snap
  • Buckle material: stainless steel
  • Strap material: stainless steel
  • Dial shape: round
  • Case material: alloy

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