The first thing to note about Motive Global Shop is that the item you are ordering is not in Nigeria. So, it will take a bit longer to ship it into Nigeria. Products Shipped from Abroad takes between 10 to 29 business days to be delivered. You can track your order once it is confirmed by the seller. Your order will be updated with a tracking number so you can always track it on the website

Another note worthy information is that you pay for your order with your ATM/debit cards. Payment on delivery is not supported for products shipped from abroad.

A Word of Caution

Buying products from abroad comes with a number of issues. While Motive Mall takes away a number of the challenges like foreign exchange issues and custom duties, a few still remains.

First, the product you are buying is not built for Nigeria, so it is not covered by any manufacturer warranty. Sellers do not also offer any form of warranty, except if the product was delivered defective.

Secondly, you can only return a product in two situations. One is if you got the wrong product. The next case is if the product was delivered defective.

Thirdly, because, the products offered by Motive Global Shop Sellers were not specifically built with Nigeria in mind, it will be a good idea to make sure the specs will work for Nigeria.

Finally, once you place an order with on Motive Global Shop , you cannot cancel the order. So, make sure you have made up your mind before placing an order.