Motive Mall runs an investment Scheme known as Motive Invest, giving you the opportunity to invest in the brand and earn up to 25% Return on investment (ROI).

We invest your capital into the All Affiliates Of The Brand for a massive return over invested capital.

You can be rest assured that your capital is SAFE with us while we pay you interest + invested capital at the end of your investment circle.

Motive Mall & Investments


Why should you invest with us?

1) We offer a flexible investment for your financial goals. And we'll be there to support you along the way with premium service

2) No Minimum Investment

3) No Maximum Investment

4) No Maintenance Fee

5) Account Opening is FREE

6) Commission/ROI is up to 25% Monthly

7) You Can Rollover Your Investments or Interest or Both

8) You get an MOU for your investment.


Put your money to work - Access investments that generally have higher long-term growth potential than a typical bank savings account.

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