Motive Mall Rights and Obligations

(1) Motive Mall owns and operates the website in Nigeria that allows sellers and businesses to sell their products to the public over the internet.

(2) The seller will have the opportunity to sell their products on Motive Mall and Motive Mall is entitled to accept purchases on behalf of the seller. The service provided by Motive Mall is referring customers to the merchant and accepting orders and payments on their behalf.

(3) The seller authorises Motive Mall to accept binding orders from customers on their behalf.

(4) Motive Mall can carry out changes to the website or service, or suspend the service, without notice.

(5) Motive Mall Vendors Registration Fee Is Non Refundable in any case or situation.

(6) The seller acknowledges that the relationship between customers and Motive Mall is governed by the privacy policy and the general terms and conditions, both available on the website

(7) Motive Mall will present and list on the website the products sold the seller. The Seller Will Be Responsible for Sending In Product Variations, Names, Pictures and Descriptions

(8) In order to maintain its reputation for quality and high standard of service, Motive Mall reserves the right to terminate the relationship with the seller if the seller repeatedly receives bad reviews, sells fake or low quality items, unauthorized products or receives complaints, or fails to comply with our recommendations.

(9) Registration Fee is a Non Refundable Amount Of N5,000 for Three Months Straight, Then N2,000 per month after the first three months. Note that the N5,000 paid at first is for the whole Three Months

Sellers Rights and Obligations

(1) The Seller is obliged to provide all the information necessary when sending their products for listing on Motive Mall. This should include but is not limited to, a detailed title and sub-title, price, quantity, picture and description. The seller must never knowingly deceive a potential customer by misrepresenting their product/s. The seller must notify Motive Mall of any changes to the detail of their listings while uploaded on the site already.

(2) The seller guarantees that information listed on Motive Mall relating to his products satisfies all legal requirements, and in particular satisfies information requirements for consumer protection.

(3) The Seller will be responsible for notifying us of an up-to-date inventory of all their products listed on Motive Mall.

(4) The seller guarantees that the information provided by him does not violate any third party's copyright.

(5) The Seller will send all items and products asap to Motive Mall ( Abeokuta ) once contacted that there is an order for the items or products The Seller is required to keep his advertised products and services available to the best of his ability. Repeated out of stocks will result in the removal of the products from the Motive Mall website.

(6) If the seller cannot fulfill an order submitted to him, he must notify Motive Mall as soon as possible, and within 1 day of receiving the order at the latest.

(7) The seller agrees to adhere to his range of products and prices as provided to Motive Mall. The merchant guarantees that there are no ongoing criminal, bankruptcy or other penalties outstanding in relation to the products they are selling through Motive Mall. The seller further guarantees to take great care and to notify Motive Mall on up-to- date his range of products, stock count, prices and associated terms and conditions, like delivery fees.

(9) The seller representative is to provide Motive Mall with a copy of his/her valid Identity Card at the contract signature.

Commission and Fees

(1) The seller agrees to pay Motive Mall a fixed percentage commission on the gross revenue from their sales made through Motive Mall. Depending on the category it may be appropriate to agree different commission percentages for certain items or product categories.

(2) Motive Mall may add additional fees on products prices before listing them on the website at any point. These may include but are not limited to, listing fees, multiple photos fees and enhanced marketing fees, miscellaneous and shopping fees from the seller to us. In the event of the introduction of further fees, the seller will be notified prior to their commencement in writing and they will have the option to opt out.

(3) Motive Mall reserves the right to adjust the percentage commission, providing suitable notice is served in advance to the seller. Motive Mall will give the Seller adequate notice of any commission changes, in writing. This does not cover adjustments that constitute a material change of the contract terms, which would require an additional agreement on the change.

Customer online payment and Seller Payment

(1) In case of electronic payment by the customer (e.g. by credit card, debit card, or Wireless online Transfer), Motive Mall collects the payment for the relevant order in Motive Mall's name on behalf of the seller, on the website and pays it out to the seller according to the invoicing agreement.

(2) The seller will keep note of orders sent to them to as to match it with their payment when Motive Mall is sending the Payment Of Orders to them

(3) The seller bears the risk of abuse of the payment medium (e.g. of credit card or debit card fraud). If a fraudulent payment has been credited to the seller, Motive Mall Reserves the right to correct the amount the seller is invoiced to offset this payment.

(4) Motive Mall's invoices may be delivered by email, online, fax, post or in person. They include Motive Mall's claims on the merchant, commission, and, if applicable, other fees as stated.

(5) The seller agrees that Motive Mall will remove it's Commision on Sales before making payment to the seller

(6) Payments to sellers would be made by bank transfer


(1) The Seller indemnifies Motive Mall from all claims arising in relation to matters outside Motive Mall's Control, including but not limited to the quality of goods and services provided by the seller. The seller further indemnifies Motive Mall from third parties' claims resulting from any violation of laws and regulations by the seller.

(2) Motive Mall cannot guarantee that its service will be free from all malfunctions, but will exercise all reasonable care and skill to resolve any such case.

(3) VAT liability rests with the merchant and Motive Mall will not be responsible for any VAT issues.


Both parties are obliged to treat confidentially the content of this agreement, as well as all other information and data they acquire in connection with the partnership, and not use it for purposes outside the scope of this contract or pass it on to third parties. This obligation is in force for vendor's fees payment schedules after the termination of the contract. Both parties are obliged to follow privacy laws and handle accordingly all data related to customers, suppliers and business partners.


(1) Motive Mall has the right to freely maintain the seller's listing and its ranking on the website. Motive Mall offers customers the opportunity to give ratings and reviews of the seller's goods and services on the website, and has the right but not the obligation to publish these online and make them visible to all customers. Motive Mall reserves the right to delete ratings and reviews.

(2) Motive Mall may scan, transcribe, and publish online the seller's listings, logos and other materials required. The merchant grants to Motive Mall a royalty- free, perpetual, unrestricted licence to use and distribute any materials provided by him, for the purpose of advertising Motive Mall's service. In particular, this includes use in Google AdWords campaigns, domain name registrations and other online marketing and search engine optimization measures.

Terms and termination

(1) This agreement is valid as soon as the seller signs the contract, or gets an order fulfilled by Motive Mall , and remains valid indefinitely, until termination by either party. Termination can occur at any time, with a period of notice of one month, in writing, by email, post or fax. The revenues generated during this notice period are still subject to the partnership agreement. The right to immediate termination by either party for important cause remains unaffected.

(2) The right to immediate termination in particular covers the case where the merchant repeatedly receives negative ratings and reviews on the website, and when these are not obviously unjustified. Repeatedly providing misleading information or withholding information required to present the seller's items is also grounds for immediate termination. Typos, mistakes and transmission errors are excluded from this, as long as they are not caused with intent or by gross negligence.


(1) If a single clause in this agreement is invalid, both parties will endeavor to replace the invalid clause by a valid one that reproduces as closely as possible the intended economic meaning of the invalid clause. The validity of the rest of the agreement remains unaffected. This applies in particular if the agreement is found to be incomplete.

(2) Motive Mall reserves the right to modify his general terms and conditions without giving any justification. In that case, Motive Mall will give the merchant adequate notice via email. The notice will contain advice on the right and period of objection to the changes, and on the consequences of leaving unexercised the right to object.

(3) The changed terms and conditions are considered agreed by the merchant if he does not object to them in writing within 3 Days of receiving notice of the changes.

(4) Any terms and conditions of the Seller are not part of this agreement unless Motive Mall expressly agrees to adhere to them in writing.