Shop effortlessly with your Motive Wallet! Add money to your wallet to shop and enjoy all our services on Motive Mall and Logistics. All powered by Motive Pay.

You can use the available balance to buy anything on Motive Mall or use Motive Logistics.


What is Motive Pay Wallet

Motive Pay is a free online payment service that Powers The Motive Wallet and enables you to make payments online securely, instantly, and cost-effectively when you shop on Motive Mall or use the Motive Mall App. You can securely transfer Money From Your Motive Wallet to another Motive Wallet, Fund your Motive Wallet with another bank Card but you cant transfer from your Motive Wallet to your bank account for now. Also note that Motive Pay is only available on our Mobile Apps for now. It will be available on our website very soon.

Why Should I Use Motive Pay Wallet

Using Motive Pay is simply the safest and easiest way to pay on Motive Mall App. It is faster than any other payment method: you can use Motive Pay without entering your payment/card details each time. Its hassle-free and quick. Motive Pay works to keep your data safe with a security system that adheres to the highest safety and security standards.

Can I Transfer Money From My Motive Pay Wallet To Another Motive Pay Wallet?

Yes, you can securely transfer Money from your Motive Pay Wallet to another Motive Pay Wallet.

Can I Transfer Money From My Motive Pay Wallet To My Bank Account

No, Money in your Motive Pay Wallet can only be used to make purchases on our platform. It can be introduced later in the future.

Where Can I Shop With Motive Pay?

Motive Pay is currently available on Motive Mall App.

How Private are my Motive Pay Wallet Transactions?

Protecting the privacy of our users is of the highest priority for Motive Pay. Merchants will never see your financial information, such as your credit card or bank account numbers. When you are using Motive Pay Wallet, the only information we share is to help you completing your customer journey.

How to Contact Us

For any enquiry, please contact Motive Support Team. They will answer your question or redirect your to our Motive Pay customer care platform. You can also send us an email at


  • Stay Safe: Better Than Cash


  • High Security, Frequent Rewards: Shop Online with peace of mind. Stay Safe, Go Cashless with Motive Pay Wallet


  • A free payment solution tailored for you: By adding Money to your Motive Wallet, whenever you want to pay on Motive Mall, just find your Motive Pay wallet securely with your Mastercard, Visa, Verve card or an online bank transfer today, shop and relax until your order is delivererd. If anything goes wrong with the ordering process, you will be refunded for the full amount of your order. All you need to do is add money to your wwallet,  enter your payment details and verify our payment with your token or an SMS code from your bank


  • Faster, Hassle-Free:  With your wallet,  pay in the blink of an eye. No entering of card details or token verification while ordering,  and all you have to do is relax and wait for your order to arrive. Don't bother about cash management anymore.


  • Save Up and Buy: With Motive Pay Wallet, you can save in your wallet and make purchases later. You have an item you want to buy and your money isn't complete yet? Don't worry, just keep saving bits by bits into yoyour wallet and order your item whenever it's complete. Your money is 100% Safe in your wallet. 


  • Customer Protection: Purchase, relax, enjoy. Online shopping made easier. If anything goes wrong, we've got your back



  • Some FAQs


Can money added to my Motive Wallet be refunded or taken out?

No, once money is added to your Motive Wallet, it cannot be refunded or taken out.

What can I buy with the money in my Motive Wallet?

Money in your Motive Wallet is applicable towards any item on Motive Mall or Booking on Motive Logistics.

Do funds expire?

Funds in your Motive Wallet never expires (unless otherwise noted).

Where do you apply funds in Motive Wallet?

You can select the Pay with Wallet option at checkout anytime.

What if I don't have enough money in my wallet when checking out?

Kindly choose another payment method or fund your wallet with the remaining balance to cover your payment.

Are items bought with Money in Motive Wallet refundable?

Yes, funds will be refunded back to your Motive Wallet available balance.