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Reach millions of buyers in every state in Nigeria easily, get your store on Motive Mall today! Download our app with the link below to create your account and start selling. All details will be found on your Vendor Dashboard.

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Becoming a vendor is a seamless process with Motive Mall’s self-signup; a DIY process where you can become a vendor on Motive Mall in exactly 5minutes.

Selling on Motive Mall comes with many benefits:

  • 1,000,000 visitors to your shop monthly
  • flat commission on sales, no more no less!
  • Free photo session for your first 30 Items, periodic marketing push and a 24/7 store ( For Vendor’s In Abeokuta Only )

Step 1: Register Under 5 Minutes
Fill The Registration Form
Submit The Required Documents
(A) Business Registration or Valid ID Card ( School ID is accepted too) 
(B) Bank Account Details

If your business us not registered, you can still sign up but make sure you upload an ID

Step 2: Become An Ecommerce Expert
Complete The Dedicated New Seller
HQ Dashboard 
Activate Your Seller Center Account To Manage Your Shop

Step 3: List Your Products And Sell
Upload Your Best Selling Products
And Start Selling

Step 4: Benefit From Our Promotions And Marketing
Get Visibility From Our Campaigns/Promotions
And Insight On Best Selling Products.

Why Sell on Motive Mall?

Earn More Money

Motive is one of the largest commerce companies in Nigeria. Sell to over 50 million buyers across every state in Nigeria from the comfort of your home, we even handle the packaging, fulfillment and deliveries!

Communication is Easy

We make it easy to exchange messages with buyers who may have questions without contacting one another 

Low Commissions

Commission fees are as low as 2%, and you only pay when you successfully sell your product.

You Have Our Support 24/7

Motive Mall provides various tools to increase your success including: our online SellerHQ Dashboard and our dedicated merchant support teams.

You’re in Control

You choose the price for your products and return policy, your delivery method on paid orders, and other important options.

We Make Sure It’s Safe

Motive is the safest and most trusted platform to buy and sell online in Nigeria. We’ve built a community that takes safety & security seriously for both buyers and sellers.


At Motive Mall, we are convinced that the next level of buying for the customers is now on the Internet. One of our goal is to offer the widest range of products to the customers, and this is what makes sellers essential. As Africa’s number one e-commerce company, we’re always looking for ways to add value for our customers. As a Motive Mall seller, you take part in offering those customers better selection, better prices, and a top-notch customer experience.

Average Number of potential customers monthly

Number of views per month

Number of sales during our sale events

Before you start selling,

1. Make sure you comply with our conditions:

Your products can be sold on Motive Mall. You have all the necessary information to create your Seller account:

      • Mail address and phone number
      • Details of your company (address, legal name, etc.)
      • Bank account details

2. How much does it cost to sell on Motive Mall?

It is totally free except you upgrade your plan. For each sale you make via our platform, you will be charged a  commission flat fee depending on the delivery method chosen and the category of your products. All details will be found on your Vendor Dashboard.

When you are registered, all the management of your online store is done via the Seller HQ Dashboard. With this portal you have access to all the information you need to manage your sales, add products, update your product information, have an overview of actual sales, etc.It is a one-stop shop to facilitate the management of your sales account on Motive Mall.

Below are a just few of the things you can do from Seller HQ.

      • Keep track of your inventory and update your listings
      • Keep track of orders that are in Motive Mall network
      • Join the promotional campaigns
      • Use customer metrics tools to monitor your seller performance
      • Manage Your Payments
      • Get Support for your store 

4. How to list products.

Your first step to make your products available for the customers is to list them on your Seller Center HQ. There are different methods to use depending on the type and the quantity of products you want to offer to the shoppers. Upload your products with all details required and make sure you read the guidelines on products uploading on the app.

To be put live, your products creation must comply with some guidelines to be accepted by our teams.

To make sure your products make it to the top and help you succeed your launch on Motive Mall, here are some tips to know what works best for the shoppers.

    • Follow the Guidelines for successful products creation and therefore a successful launch!
    • The product detail page and you can also sons per your products from your dashboard.

Once approved by our teams, your products will be live on and our networks and apps. From there, you can receive an order at any time.

5. How to process an order

As soon as a customer orders one of your products, you will see it on your dashboard and get notified, you have 24 - 36 hours to get your item ready to ship. Here are the steps to do it properly:

    • Check daily your Seller Center account to see if you have a new order (a mail alert is also sent to you).
    • Prepare your package for delivery/pickup to Motive Mall Hub.

6. How to deliver your order

Motive Mall delivers your order for you once we retrieve it from you or you drop it at our Hub. 

Subscribe to Motive Mall Express service

Ship your products to Motive Mall so that we take in charge of their inventory and make them quickly available for sale. Then, with each order, Motive packages and ships the product directly to the customer.

7. How do you get paid?

We deposit payment into your bank account at regular intervals and notifies you that your payment has been sent.

Need more explanations on your sales experience on Motive Mall? You can book a training by contacting us and Discover the opportunities to grow your sales on Motive Mall.

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