Breathable Athletic Casual Sport Sneakers - Black

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imageimageimageimageYou need a pair of comfortable cool cool sneakers.Because you have many people to see.There are many sports to do.
Classic fashion style, in line with current trends.Tide cool man, showing sports and leisure style.
  • Exercise never stops.
How to Measure the Size You Wear CorrectlyThe correct posture and measurement method must be taken when measuring:(1) Stand with your feet in parallel (please do not sit and kneel).(2) The weight is evenly distributed on the feet, so that the feet are evenly stressed on the paper.(3) Put your foot on the white paper, use the pen to point out the front and back points, and the distance between the two points is the correct foot length.(4) There is a small gap between the left and right feet, which should be based on the data of the big feet.(5) The measurement units of the above data are all in millimeters.(6) If the instep is high and the foot is wide, it is recommended to choose a larger size. If the instep is flat and the foot is slim, it is recommended to choose a smaller size.
Knitted fabric, lightweight and breathable.The vamp breath mesh is smooth and fits with the feet, allowing the air in the shoe cavity to circulate inside and outside, keeping the feet feeling refreshed, not sweating, not stuffy.
High quality sole, efficient cushioningQuick rebound, soft cushioning, comfortable foot feel, strong grip, strong support, anti-twist. The lightweight experience multi-directional cushioning and decompression system conforms to the dynamic changes of the cushioning and fits the needs of the feet in the sport.
The heel is thick and full, comfortableThicken and increase the heel cover area, the excellent resilience of the sponge inside can firmly lock the foot in the shoe, so that the foot does not slide easily in the shoe, the sponge package will give you extra comfort. It will also give you more confidence in the protection your shoes provide during exercise.
  • Simple and versatile
Running, outdoor, sports, outings.It can make you more comfortable.Protect your feet.Easily face high-intensity exercise.
You need a strong body to guard your loved ones.We make a good pair of shoes for you, guarding you.Accompany you youth, accompany you to fitness, accompany you to exercise.

Key Features

  • It's both a couple style,
  •  Can match most of your clothes and occasions
  • Comfortable shoes don't make your feet ache
  • Simple design is everyone's essential basic style

What’s in the box

1X Pair of shoe

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